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Natural IVF at Washington Fertility Center: Is It Right for Me?

Natural in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment option that offers patients a lower-cost alternative to standard IVF, but is it right for you?

The benefits of Natural IVF
It’s understandable that a low-cost IVF option would be of interest to fertility patients, but we at Washington Fertility Center encourage an open dialogue with your fertility specialist in order to best determine if Natural IVF is the right choice.

Natural IVF, also referred to as “mini IVF,” offers patients some exciting benefits in addition to its decreased fee. Compared to standard IVF, natural IVF requires fewer medications, a lowered risk of multiples, and a shorter period of time needed to complete a cycle of treatment. These benefits add up to less stress for patients because less is required of them, both financially and physically.

Am I a candidate for Natural IVF?
Natural IVF is not an automatic first-choice option. The procedure is typically recommended for women who do not react well to fertility medications or dislike taking the amount of medication required for conventional IVF. Other factors for candidacy may include:
• Women who have a diminished ovarian reserve or low FSH levels
• Women who cannot produce more than one egg after taking high doses of ovary-stimulating medication
• Women with regular menstrual cycles

Those considering Natural IVF due to cost are encouraged to discuss financial options with their fertility specialist. Practices like Washington Fertility Center make affordable fertility treatment a priority, with transparent fees, special discounts, and financial partnerships available to patients.

Candidates should know that the procedure may have a lower success rate than conventional IVF because only one egg is retrieved at a time during Natural IVF.

If you are interested in learning more about Natural IVF, please contact the specialists at Washington Fertility Center today.