Egg Freezing Fees and Costs

Egg Freezing Fees and Costs

Egg Freezing Cost(s)

  • Preliminary Testing: $900. May be reimbursed by some health plans. Includes: vaginal sonogram for ovarian follicles count, blood hormones, infectious diseases screen, genetic mutations tests.
  • Egg Freezing Cycle: includes Ovarian Stimulation, Monitoring, Egg Retrieval and Egg Freezing: $8,900.
  • Subsequent Additional Egg Freezing Cycles: $8,900 each.

Additional Third Party Fees

  • Pharmacy prescriptions: approximately between $4,500 and $6,000
  • Anesthesiologist fee: app. $600

Embryo Creation
(When You're Ready)

  • Frozen Egg Warming fee: $5,900. It includes Endometrial Preparation, Monitoring, Eggs thawing, insemination by ICSI, embryos culture and transfer.

Additional 3rd party Fees:

  • Pharmacy prescriptions: app. $900
  • Embryos Biopsy and Chromosomes Testing: $2,900
  • Excess Viable Embryos Freezing: $1,900
  • Frozen Embryos Annual Storage Fee: $600


  • Payment is due on the day medications prescriptions are sent to pharmacy.
  • All fees are subject to change without prior to notice.
  • Washington Reproductive Laboratories (WRL) do not participate with any health insurance plans.