Ovulation Management

Ovulation Management

What is Ovulation Management?

Ovulation management or ovulation induction, is the process by which ovaries are stimulated through the use of fertility medications to produce one mature egg for IUI or multiple mature eggs for IVF. Having several mature eggs in IVF increases the chances of having a better number of embryos to select for transfer.

Ovulation Management: IVF & IUI

Ovulation management is used in preparation for the egg retrieval portion of IVF. Proper egg retrieval is an important part of having a successful IVF cycle. The more healthy eggs retrieved, the higher the chances of fertilization.

Ovulation management is also used in preparation for intrauterine insemination (IUI). Careful monitoring with ultrasound and blood hormones testing is most critical to avoid multiple pregnancies and to accurately time the IUI with the release of the egg.

Affordable Ovulation Management Treatment

At Washington Fertility Center, we believe that it is your right to receive effective and affordable ovulation management treatment. Our pricing is not only competitive, but there are no surprises – we believe in full transparency so you will have a clear understanding of all of the costs involved in your treatment.

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Common Medications

Typical medications for ovulation stimulation include fertility pills (Letrozol or Clomiphene) or injections (gonadotropins). Occasionally side effects may occur with the use of these fertility drugs. Our fertility specialist Dr. Asmar will monitor you closely throughout treatment.

Ovulation Management at Washington Fertility Center:

For patients seeking ovulation management treatment for IUI/IVF in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the DC metropolitan area, Washington Fertility Center is distinguished from the other area fertility clinics through our extraordinary attention to detail. Our unique combination of medical experience, excellent patient care and high success rates make Washington Fertility Center the first choice for patients from all over the world.

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