Egg Donation Program

Egg Donation Program

Dr. Pierre Asmar and the providers of the Washington Fertility Center were involved in the first successful egg donation cycle resulting in the birth of a baby in the DC area. For more than 30 years, Dr. Asmar of Washington Fertility Center has helped couples overcome difficulties in conceiving a child. In addition to our wealth of experience, WFC has partnered with Egg Bank America and Egg Donor America to offer the most complete egg donor program in the region.

Founded by our own Dr. Pierre Asmar, Egg Bank America and Egg Donor America is dedicated to fulfilling dreams around the world by bringing together prospective parents and egg donors.

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*Please note that Washington Fertility Center can work with any egg donor program of your choosing.

Egg Donation is a treatment option for women unable to produce their own eggs. Some of the reasons for ovarian failure include:

  • Decreased ovarian reserve due to premature menopause
  • Previous ovarian surgery
  • Previous radiation or chemotherapy
  • Chromosomal or genetic disorders
  • History of poor or inadequate response to fertility drugs

Additional information about the Washington Fertility Center Egg Donation Program:

  • Washington Fertility Center is a leader in egg donation both nationally and internationally. Dr. Asmar also provides international egg donation services at our center.
  • It is important to the team at Washington Fertility Center to treat each woman, whether recipient or egg donor, with the time necessary to provide individualized care. The egg donation process may seem complicated, but we are always available to you for for assistance or support.
  • Through its partner, Egg Donor America, Washington Fertility Center has access to many healthy, young women from a variety of ethnic groups. They have been carefully recruited, ensuring that only the most qualified and committed women are selected. Note that Washington Fertility Center can work with the egg donor center of your choosing. Please contact us for more information on working with your requested egg donor center.
  • Once the pre-screening work-up is completed, cycles take approximately six weeks.
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