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Our Fertility Specialists

Dr. Pierre Asmar and the providers of Washington Fertility Center are highly skilled in every aspect of infertility and reproductive care. If you are having trouble getting pregnant we can help where other fertility clinics have been unsuccessful. Compassionate and individualized care is the cornerstone of our fertility center. Learn more about the fertility providers at WFC:


Pierre Asmar, MD, FACOG
Founder, Washington Fertility Center
Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology
Fertility Specialist
Recognized as a "Top Doctor", Dr. Pierre Asmar is known among patients and peers for his "experience, excellence and success." Dr. Asmar founded Washington Fertility Center with the vision of providing unrivaled infertility treatment and attentive care from your first consultation to the final steps of your follow-up care. Full biography »


Jamie Stone Feingold, MSN, NP-C, WHNP-BC
Certified Nurse Practitioner
Jamie Stone joins Washington Fertility Center as a certified Nurse Practitioner practicing a full spectrum of fertility services and procedures. Jamie holds the special relationships she forms with patients among the top reasons that drew her to joining the WFC team, “We become so invested in what they are trying to achieve after working with each patient so closely, and that’s really important to me as a Nurse Practitioner.” Full biography »