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Patient Testimonials

Feedback from our happy patients makes all the hard work and dedication at Washington Fertility Center worthwhile. We wish all the best to you and your families!

"Dr. Asmar is the best doctor ever."
- N.A.

"Dr. Asmar changed our lives. We are very grateful for our two little girls."
- A.M.

"I am so thankful for this practice. From the initial consultation to our treatment for our infertility we received nothing but the best care from Dr. Asmar and his whole support team. Because of them, we will be welcoming our beautiful babies in the spring of 2015 after 11 years of loss and infertility. If you are a couple who has struggled with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss without a doubt this is the place to go and get answers and treatment for a heartbreaking disease. We are truly blessed because of them. Thank you."

"After several years of trying to get pregnant, and losing two pregnancies due to lack of appropriate care by two different OB/GYN practices, I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Asmar in 2011. His attention to detail, ability to spend time with us (both me and my husband) to learn about our needs and issues was unbelievably great. I haven't experienced this level of care anywhere. We quickly learned that we will not need invasive care, just adjustments in medication and suppositories. In three months I became pregnant naturally and Dr. Asmar was closely monitoring my pregnancy to 1) ensure everything was going well and 2) to put my mind at ease. I can't thank him enough for his care and attention to make sure our little boy was developing properly. Later that year I welcomed my son (now nine months old) who is a perfectly healthy and happy little boy. Thank you to Dr. Asmar and the staff (especially Angela) for all you do every day to make dreams come true."

"Dr. Asmar is an expert in his field. He is genuine and really cares. There were numerous times when we found it necessary to contact him during various hours of the night. He never complained and was very happy to help us with our needs. Lan and Marcela are expert nurses. They treated us like family and made sure we had the necessary meds, tests, and other things for a successful cycle. Carol and Angela (and the rest of the office staff) were attentive to our needs and very helpful. We appreciate their degree of professionalism. Our overall experience was very positive. I received a nice discount for being in the Air National Guard. I not only would recommend Washington Fertility Center to my friends and family, I am confident that we will be back for baby number two!"

"I had my tubal reversal done on May 6, 2013 with Dr. Asmar. We got pregnant of our first try! My husband and I couldn't believe it happened so fast. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and due in March 2014. Thank you to Dr. Asmar and to your staff for always being courteous and professional. We can't wait to meet our little miracle!"

"What an amazing class act doctor! I came to Washington Fertility Center nervous, scared and not knowing what to expect. Upon arrival, to my surprise, I was greeted by a lovely lady named Angela. She was so sweet and caring. After filling out the paperwork, Dr. Asmar came out to introduce himself. As soon as I was finished I was taken to the back, where I expressed my concerns. Dr. Asmar patiently listened and gave me his feedback. He then scheduled me for a tubal ligation reversal to be done the following Monday (I felt it was meant to be because at the moment he had a cancellation on the schedule and was able to put me on). I had my surgery yesterday and I cannot wait to see what the future brings...a boy or a girl. Thank you to Dr. Asmar, Angela, Carol and the rest of the staff at WFC for making a very scary stressful situation such a relaxing exciting time."
- M.B.

"Despite the fact that I've never been able to achieve a pregnancy, I absolutely love this place and everyone who works here. Dr. Asmar is just as much a friend as he is a quality doctor. He always welcomes me with a warm hug and it's obvious that he wants a baby for me almost as much as I do. Carol, at the front desk, went to bat for me with an insurance issue that I wasn't getting anywhere with. She literally saved a whole cycle for me. Lan is another one who just knows her stuff. One of these times, she'll call me with good news. I can't wait!"

"I had my tubal reversal done on May 6, 2013 with Dr. Asmar. We got pregnant of our first try! My husband and I couldn't believe it happened so fast. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and due in March 2014. Thank you to Dr. Asmar and to your staff for always being courteous and professional. We can't wait to meet our little miracle!"
- S.K.

"My interactions with everyone at Washington Fertility's Annandale location was a very positive experience. Everyone was great, from Carol and Angela at the front desk, to the three very pleasant physicians, even the kind assistants who drew blood and helped with my ultrasound. Their help and support were much appreciated. Thanks."

"Dr. Asmar and Angela are AMAZING!!! In the past few years, I have had a lot of experience with many different doctors and hospitals. WFC ranks at the very top of my list of the best care and most caring! Thanks!!!"
- J.B.

"Dr. Asmar and his staff are wonderful. He made sure all my questions were answered before my surgery. I had a tubal reversal and it was very successful. I am pregnant and was able to conceive six weeks after surgery. Thanks to you Dr. Asmar and your staff :)"
- K.R.

“It all seems so strange now when we look at our beautiful son who is the spitting image of his dad, and any anxieties I had about egg donation have simply disappeared. I can't thank Dr. Asmar and his team enough -- money just doesn't compare to the love and beauty that our son has given us and all our family and friends who surround him. He has been lavished by love since he was born. I had a great pregnancy, even at the age of 47 and being pregnant for the first time, it couldn't have been better. And when Johnny was finally born, he lived up to ALL the expectations.”
- J.H.

“Doctors often tell their patients that burned tubes cannot be repaired. This is not true! At Washington Fertility Center, my burnt fallopian tubes for almost 11 years were repaired/reversed thanks to Dr. Pierre Asmar's magnificent work. He had given us a second chance when I didn't think it was possible. My partner and I were surprised that we had a positive pregnancy right after the surgery. I can't believe it happened so fast and we are super excited! ” - Hershey G.

“I give Angela and Dr. Asmar five stars!”
- A.M.

“I am pleased to share how wonderful my experience was at WFC. Such a professional staff with a personal touch. I never felt like a number, but had caring compassionate service. Dr. Asmar is the nicest doctor who was always there to answer any questions or ease any anxiety. I was more than fully informed of all the facts and processes. The ultrasounds and procedures went more smoothly than most of my daily activities. Such a wonderful experience by a group of special caring people. A+. I would really like to thank them for making me feel so cared for and supported.”

“My wife and I had infertility problems for many, many years. After two miscarriages we needed to find a doctor that could give us some help. We were referred to Dr. Pierre Asmar from my wife's OB. WOW, we were impressed from the very first appointment. Both Dr. Asmar himself, as well as his staff were amazing. We felt the professionalism and knowledge come through from the very first day. In dealing with such a sensitive topic, this is crucial in my opinion. He was able to diagnose and treat our problem in a matter of weeks. Should a say a "miracle". We are so blessed to now have a healthy young daughter. I would recommend Dr. Asmar and Washington Fertility Center to anyone who might need Infertility care. The day Dr. Asmar was brought into our lives was a truly special day. Both my wife and I can see why he is one of Washington's Top Docs! Thank you, Dr. Asmar and thank you everyone at WFC.”
- S.M.

“What a wonderful surgeon Dr Asmar is! My daughter had a very large fibroid that had been missed by her OB/GYN. The mass was causing her extreme abdominal pain. Dr. Asmar immediately diagnosed her problem and surgically removed it the next day. Since that time, my daughter has been pain-free. No wonder he was chosen "Top Doc" for the last 30 years!”
- N.C.

“After trying for five long years, a miscarriage and various doctors, I went to Dr. Asmar in 2005 for IVF and got pregnant during the very first try but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage after eight weeks. Dr. Asmar ordered blood analysis and found out I had a blood clotting disorder. The next time we tried IVF, it resulted in my darling boy coming into this world cause the doctor was ready with a treatment plan. When I was ready for my 2nd child, I of course went to Dr. Asmar and am 3.5 months pregnant. Thanks to Dr. Asmar my family is going to be complete and I am forever grateful to him!”
- N.A.

"My husband and I desperately wanted children and several years ago we came to the Washington Fertility Clinic. We found Dr. Pierre Asmar very caring, encouraging, and genuinely interested in helping us. Dr. Asmar is always available when we need to talk and he explains things in just the right amount of detail. He is kind, gentle and we trust him. His support staff is also very helpful and his Lab Director, Dr. Susan Daniel, is the best. We have had experience with other clinics with no success, but Dr. Asmar delivers great results. He stays current with his profession and it shows in his work. We now have a beautiful little girl and another baby on the way. We are very happy with the success we have had and would recommend Dr. Asmar and the Washington Fertility Clinic."
- S & R