Natural IVF

Natural IVF

What is Natural IVF or Mini IVF?

Natural IVF, also referred to as Minimal Stimulation IVF or "Mini IVF", is a low-cost alternative to a typical course of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). In conventional IVF, a woman will take fertility medications in order to stimulate egg production prior to retrieval. In a Natural IVF cycle, gentle egg stimulation is achieved with much smaller amount of fertility injections, leading to the development and retrieval of one egg at a much lower cost.

Affordable Natural IVF - $4,985

At Washington Fertility Center, we believe that our patients deserve affordable, low-cost IVF alternatives. Our fees are always transparent, and we work to ensure that patients have a clear understanding of the costs involved in their treatment plan.

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Who is a candidate for Natural IVF?

At Washington Fertility Center, we accept women of all ages as candidates for Natural IVF. There are certain cases where Natural IVF may be preferred to traditional IVF, and these can include:

  • Women who dislike or do not react well to certain medications
  • Those who are interested in a low-cost alternative to standard IVF
  • Women with a diminished ovarian reserve or low FSH levels
  • Women who have regular normal menstrual cycles
  • Women who are unable to produce more than one egg after a high dose of medication(s) intended to stimulate their ovaries

Why should I choose Natural IVF?

  • Natural IVF has a low cost when compared with regular IVF
  • Fewer medications
  • Low cost
  • Lowered risk of multiples
  • Takes less time
  • Can be less stressful because it requires less of the patient

Natural IVF may have a lower rate of success when compared with conventional IVF success rates. This is because only one egg is retrieved at a time during each cycle. It is best to discuss your IVF options with a fertility specialist who will advise on which option is ideal for your individual situation.