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Dr. Pierre Asmar Named “Top Doc” by Washingtonian Magazine

We’re proud to announce that Dr. Asmar was recently named “Top Doc” by Washingtonian Magazine! As the founder of Washington Fertility Center, Dr. Asmar is no stranger to awards for physician excellence. He is frequently nominated by his peers in the medical community as Top Doctor in both the Washingtonian and Northern Virginia magazines. Dr. Asmar’s personal motto, “Experience, excellence, and success” has provided a focus on helping couples from all over the world build their families. Since Washington Fertility Center’s founding in 1983, Dr. Asmar’s proven expertise has given couples and individuals the chance to have a family when they are struggling or unable to conceive on their own.

Dr. Asmar is truly honored by his “Top Doc” selection in Washingtonian Magazine. He realizes that his patient’s are faced with many challenges when they are unable to conceive, and he knows that it is within his abilities as a highly trained fertility specialist to assist them in any way he can. “Our patients come to Washington Fertility Center with high hopes and expectations. As a fertility specialist I will do everything in my power to fulfill these hopes and exceed these expectations. Our center has helped thousands of people build their families, and we look forward to helping many, many more in the future.”

Fertility issues and unknown infertility causes have become increasingly relevant, with hundreds of thousands of couples in the United States needing to reach out and seek the assistance of third party reproduction specialists. LGBT couples and individuals who require the use of egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogate carriers to create their families are also seeking the help of knowledgeable fertility experts. Across Virginia and the Washington D.C. metro area, Dr. Asmar and the staff at Washington Fertility Center have been able to provide the qualified experience needed to make the dreams of those in need a reality. Dr. Asmar’s expertise in fertility care includes: Laparoscopy, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF,) donor egg, hysteroscopy surgeries, and Myomectomy for uterine fibroid removal.