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Five Questions to Ask During a Fertility Consultation

Your fertility specialist will expect any number of questions during an initial fertility consultation – some general questions relating to infertility and treatment and some specific to the patient or couple. It’s understandable to want to organize your thoughts before your consultation with Washington Fertility Center (WFC), and we encourage patients to ask our providers their questions and voice their concerns.

Sometimes, even with preparation, there are questions that patients can miss. To help our new patients navigate their first visit, we identified the top five questions new patients should ask their fertility specialist.

1. Do you have any patient testimonials I can read?
Patient testimonials are a great way to get a feel for the experience of being a patient at a new fertility practice. These are real experiences shared by couples and individuals who have gone through similar, if not the same path of infertility diagnosis and treatment. It can be very helpful for patients to read these stories before beginning a fertility treatment plan.

2. Do you think I need a second opinion?
Sometimes, patients will visit Washington Fertility Center because they believe they need a second opinion on a diagnosis. Perhaps the diagnosis was a surprise or they believe there was an error. Either way, WFC is happy to assist by providing a second opinion. Our providers are experienced in working with patients who are seeking additional assessment or testing.

3. Are there any financial discounts for my treatment plan?
WFC offers a 25 percent discount for educators, veterans, and active duty military. We also offer discounted pricing: a Single Cycle IVF package, an IVF Baby Guarantee plan, a Tubal Reversal Ligation plan, and several other packages and plans for patients requiring third-party reproductive services. Learn more about our clear and affordable fees here.

4. What can I do on my own to optimize my fertility treatment?
Your fertility specialist may offer suggestions relating to your diet and lifestyle habits. Your weight, activity level, and whether your smoke or drink heavily are all factors that contribute to fertility. An unhealthy lifestyle during fertility treatment is never recommended, so please talk to your specialist if you believe your diet or lifestyle is a concern.

5. How will other health concerns affect my fertility treatment plan?
If you have a separate health concern, please discuss them with your fertility specialist. For example, you should share diagnoses such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, diabetes (for male and female patients), or an irregular menstrual cycle with your Washington Fertility Center specialist.

Please contact Washington Fertility Center today to schedule your first consultation.