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Five Reasons to Visit a Fertility Specialist in 2017

Have you been putting off or ignoring a fertility concern? The decision to visit a fertility specialist is an important step toward building your family. If you are facing infertility, this decision can be overwhelming. First, you will need to accept that you may not be able to have a child in the way you imagined and be willing to change your plans to include fertility testing, treatment and possibly third-party reproduction services like egg donation, sperm donation or gestational surrogacy.

It's important that you and your partner take the time to digest this change of plans and not feel pushed into treatment if you’re not ready. However, once you are ready, it’s important not to put off seeing a fertility specialist.

Washington Fertility Center offers seven reasons to visit a fertility specialist in 2017:

  1. Timing is often important – Not every fertility issue is related to the age of the female patient, but in cases where it is a concern, waiting to see a specialist can decrease the treatment’s success. Additionally, treatment plans or fertility services can take time, so putting off a consultation will only further delay your family building plans.
  2. Third-party reproductive services require matches – If you need an egg donor or gestational surrogate to have a baby, then you will need to be matched with one or both before you can begin any fertility treatments. The selection and matching process is conducted with the help of case managers, but it can require legal matters that can extend your timeframe. Waiting to start either process will only mean a longer wait before you have a baby.
  3. Fertility coverage growthInsurance coverage for fertility treatment is generally growing, with large-scale companies like Apple and Facebook providing coverage for employees on treatments. However, this does not apply to everyone, and your level of coverage also depends on the state in which you reside. With anticipated changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), patients are encouraged to review their coverage regarding treatment now.
  4. Discounted treatments are more widely available – Fertility treatment has evolved significantly in the last decade, and this includes the overall cost of getting pregnant through services like IVF, IUI, ICSI and others. Washington Fertility Center offers a wide range of clear and affordable fees, which you can review here.
  5. Consultations provide options – A fertility consultation is designed so you can get to know your fertility specialist and get a sense of what treatment may entail. Consults are educational and allow the opportunity to voice concerns, ask questions and learn about your options. Many patients leave their first fertility consult feeling as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and that they have a clear mind to start their journey to parenthood.

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