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How to Prepare for Your First Fertility Consultation

There are a few ways fertility patients can make the most out of and prepare for their first consultation with a specialist. After all, this appointment presents a special opportunity for those who have either struggled to conceive and/or are in need of third-party reproductive services (LGBT family building/single parenthood). You’ll be able to ask questions, perhaps for the first time, and have a qualified, experienced individual address them directly. And you’ll probably be introduced to either fertility testing or your treatment plan, which will kick off the next stage in your journey to becoming a parent.

Getting to this point in the process may not have been easy, and we acknowledge that the first fertility consult may seem a little daunting. You may wonder, “What will the doctor recommend?” “How much will treatment cost?” “Will my insurance cover treatment?” “How do I stay on top of everything?” We understand that patients will feel less stress and more confidence about treatment if they enter the process feeling prepared, which is why we’ve provided some advice, below, on how to get ready for that first fertility consultation appointment:

  • Request the appointment so that it suits your schedule. You can request an appointment for a fertility consult with Washington Fertility Center online or by calling our office at 703-658-3100.
  • Once your appointment is booked, it is advised that you contact our staff to see whether there are any forms you can complete ahead of the visit in order to save time in the waiting room. Sometimes forms can be completed at home and returned to our office ahead of the appointment. You should confirm with our staff which forms are needed, to ensure that you’ll have everything you need the day of the appointment.
  • After the forms are complete, we suggest that you organize a list of questions for the fertility specialist you will be consulting. Patients who come prepared with their questions often feel that they were able to get the most out of their visit because their thoughts and concerns were detailed and ready to go.

Once you’ve taken these steps, you’ll be ready for the consult with the fertility specialist. If you have any questions in the time leading up to the appointment, please consider contacting our staff so we can assist you. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you soon!