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LGBTQ+ Family Building Options at WFC

Happy Pride Month! June is Pride Month, and as the country continues to open up (safely), some areas are able to celebrate Pride in person while others are continuing to hold online events to celebrate the history of Pride and the advances of the LGBTQ+ community. Washington Fertility Center is a longtime ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and our fertility treatment services are inclusive toward same-sex families. We offer options for same-sex female couples as well as same-sex male couples and hold partnerships with a number of agencies and organizations that help coordinate third-party reproduction needs.

Fertility Care for Lesbian Couples

Lesbian couples will need to select a sperm donor and then proceed with either intrauterine insemination {IUI} or in vitro fertilization {IVF treatment} in order to conceive. A sperm donor can be a family member or a close friend, or can be chosen from a sperm bank. IUI is typically the first step, but IVF may be needed if IUI is unsuccessful or if a known fertility issue is present. Lesbian couples will need to determine which partner will carry the pregnancy.

Fertility Care for Gay Couples

Gay couples will need to select an egg donor and then be matched with a gestational surrogate in order to grow their families. Similar to a sperm donor, an egg donor can be known (family/friend) or unknown (selected from an egg bank). Gay couples additionally can choose from fresh or frozen donor eggs. Next, gay couples will need to be matched with a gestational surrogate - this is a woman who has agreed to carry and deliver a baby on the couple’s behalf. Gestational surrogates do not share a genetic link to the baby and are compensated just like donors for their time and efforts.

Fertility Care for Single Parents

LGBTQ+ single parents also have the above options available for their individual situations. Whether donor sperm is needed, donor eggs, and/or surrogacy, our practice has helped countless single parents make their dream of having a child a reality.

Getting Started With WFC

The first step toward parenthood for any couple or single parent is to connect with Washington Fertility Center. Our fertility specialists and trained, experienced medical staff will be able to help guide you through each step of the family-building process and help coordinate with any agency or organization needed to complete your family-building journey.