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Tag Archives: embryo development

IVF: Lab Technology for Embryo Culture

At Washington Fertility Center, we have begun using the Cook Medical MINC incubators for embryo culture. These mini incubators help decrease the recovery time for temperature, humidity, and gas concentration to better maintain a constant environment for the embryos in culture. A study published…

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Oxygen Concentration & IVF

Optimizing the success of IVF treatment is one of the main objectives of research in reproductive medicine. An area that has received significant focus is improving the environment that embryos are exposed to before being transplanted into the uterus. The environment of the IVF lab has an…

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How Does an Embryo Get Its Shape?

by Dr. Susan Daniel When you look at an early embryo in the lab, it is amazing to think that in a few short weeks this ball of cells will become an elongated embryo with distinct parts. The first clues to explain how this dramatic change in shape occurs came from the work of Han Spemann and…

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Embryos Correct for Genetic Abnormalities

by Dr. Susan Daniel Early human embryos can contain both genetically normal and abnormal cells. They are said to exhibit mosaicism. At the recent meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Stockholm, Sweden, Drs. William Kearns and Paul Brezina presented…

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Developments in Embryo Culture Systems

by Dr. Susan Daniel In the IVF laboratory, embryos are grown in culture medium in plastic dishes. The embryos are moved to fresh medium or to different types media from time-to-time, but the system is static. It is a quite different from the dynamic environment an embryo would encounter in the…

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