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IVF: Lab Technology for Embryo Culture

At Washington Fertility Center, we have begun using the Cook Medical MINC incubators for embryo culture. These mini incubators help decrease the recovery time for temperature, humidity, and gas concentration to better maintain a constant environment for the embryos in culture.

A study published in Fertility and Sterility, tested the effectiveness of the MINC incubators with favorable results. The study design involves "a prospective, randomized study consisting of 2 phases: In 1, we divided sibling oocytes from each retrieval between Minc and Forma incubators - using Sage media. We measured recovery times for temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration in each incubator. In 2, we divided sibling oocytes between the Cook media and our Sage media with incubation in the Minc."

To read the published conclusions, visit: 1.usa.gov/XGDNpa