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Testosterone and Menstrual Conditions

Testosterone is a male steroid hormone that helps the men to build a bigger, stronger and better performing muscle. Women body produce a small quantity secreted by ovaries of females and the adrenal glands.

Role of Testosterone
In general testosterone is important for for women to protect bones, muscles and tissues, prevents osteoporosis, promotes sexual desire and enhances regular menstruation. according to the study of Does testosterone affect the normal menstrual cycle? by Dewis P, Newman M, Ratcliffe WA, Anderson DC. researchers found that Sex hormone binding globulin levels fell as expected by 18.5% during the first cycle. The lack of significant effect of a markedly elevated serum testosterone level on cyclical hormone changes is indirect evidence that in PCO the primary cause of the menstrual disturbance is not excessive production of ovarian or adrenal testosterone.

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