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The Fertility Treatment Advice You Really Need

When it comes to fertility treatment, there isn’t one single road to parenthood – there are many different diagnoses, treatments, medications, screenings, and procedures that depend entirely on the couple or single parent hoping to grow their family. Because there are so many factors at play for any given patient, even straightforward care methods aren’t as simple as you might assume. There are a lot of voices and opinions when it comes to family planning, so finding the right resources and support to actually help make your life easier is very important.

We wanted to help organize some ways patients can find the advice and support needed while pursuing fertility care. We hope you’ll consider our recommendations below.

Seek Support Early in Your Fertility Journey

Family and friends are excellent resources when you’re undergoing fertility care, but many of our patients would tend to agree that there is no substitute for connecting with others who are going through a similar experience or who have been in your shoes before. You don’t have to pressure yourself to censor your thoughts and feelings as much, or explain various terminologies and how things work. You can instead focus on celebrating each other’s successes or listening to each other’s disappointments with mutual sensitivity.

Fertility treatment support groups are one of our practice’s leading recommendations for patients to explore when they first start treatment. These groups are in-person and online. They can be for couples, single parents, LGBTQ families, male-only, or female-only. There are also numerous online forums that can be of help, however, we do advise patients to consider these groups and forums carefully before joining and taking advice. You want to find something reputable with an established leadership. RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association can assist with helping patients to learn more.

Find a Self-Care Routine You Actually Enjoy

One of the more challenging parts of starting a treatment plan is that daily life doesn’t hit pause just because you need fertility care. Your daily responsibilities will continue just as they are now, but on top of it, you’ll need to attend required appointments, possibly take medications (including injectables), have procedures completed, etc. Whenever you are on your own time, it’s important to take every opportunity to relax that you can. Find the things in life you really enjoy, both with your partner and on your own. Decompressing is 100% necessary. We want patients to remain as optimistic and excited about growing their families as treatment begins.

On a final note, we wanted to offer our fertility blog. Our blog has over five years of posts cataloged that cover a comprehensive range of topics relating to infertility, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), LGBTQ parenting, egg donation, male-factor infertility, genetic testing, egg freezing, and more. Contact Washington Fertility Center today for more information.