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The Importance of Self-Care When Dealing With Infertility

For many people, dealing with an infertility diagnosis can be an emotionally challenging process. It’s not uncommon for people to feel sad or even ashamed of their infertility. These stressful emotions can feel especially heavy when you’re going through fertility treatments or even having to delay carefully planned care due to COVID-19. Even though you’re being proactive about your journey toward parenthood, it can be difficult to manage all the overwhelming emotions.

During this time, it’s crucial that you tend to your emotional needs more than usual. Committing to self-care can improve your emotional and overall well-being while also making the infertility diagnosis and treatment processes a little easier to deal with. Here are some self-care tips that can help you cope.

1. Be Kind to Yourself
Many people unfairly put a lot of pressure on themselves when dealing with infertility. Trying to conceive can be a frustrating process that involves a seemingly endless stream of tests, lifestyle changes, and treatments. It can be easy to fall into a trap of obsession and self-blame when these efforts fail to yield any immediate benefits. This can be especially true if there are other people in your life who are announcing pregnancies and births.

When this kind of negative self-talk comes to your mind, it’s important to take a step back, take a deep breath, and be compassionate with yourself. Remind yourself that everyone’s fertility journey is unique and that it’s not fair to you to blame your body or to compare your situation with someone else’s.

2. Practice Mindfulness
Being mindful is the act of taking self-kindness to a deeper level. It’s about being acutely aware of your feelings while finding a healthy way to reroute any negativity. Some people find comfort in meditation, while others take up yoga, but really it can be any activity that helps you relax and regain your center, including:

  • Nature walks
  • Acts of creative expression, such as painting
  • Listening to music
  • Journaling
  • Coloring

3. Reach Out for Support
Many people who are going through infertility and/or fertility treatments feel totally alone in their struggle. However, even though it may seem this way, you’re not alone at all. While it may seem scary or pointless to reach out and ask for help, sometimes we need the compassion and understanding of others to help us through difficult times.

Whether it’s from your partner, a trusted friend or family member, a support group, or a therapist, give yourself permission to reach out for help. Talking about your emotions with people who understand what you’re going through can be immensely beneficial and cathartic, making it easier to cope.

Moving Forward With Self-Care
It’s completely normal for infertility to ignite feelings of stress, anxiety, or even sadness, but you owe it to yourself to take care of yourself during this process. For more information on infertility treatments and self-care, please contact Washington Fertility Center today.