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The Top Egg Freezing Candidates (and Some You Might Not Have Guessed)

As more (admittedly larger) companies begin to offer coverage for egg freezing and other fertility treatment services for their employees, women across the U.S. can more realistically consider their options for future family planning. Egg freezing isn’t exactly common for non-medical reasons, but the number of women using egg freezing services to “stop the biological clock” and plan for a future family is growing. Some women might even be surprised to learn that they are among the top candidates for the procedure.

Who is considered a candidate for egg freezing? Washington Fertility Center has provided a list of such women below.

  1. Recently diagnosed cancer patients - This is likely the most common individual for whom egg freezing -- or fertility preservation, as it is known for medical purposes -- is considered. Facing a recent cancer diagnosis can be incredibly overwhelming, but more doctors are taking the time to discuss fertility preservation options before starting radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Not every patient will be able to put off treatment in order to undergo egg freezing, but for those who are able, fertility preservation may be the best option to help ensure a biological link to future children.
  2. Women with premature ovarian failure - Those with premature ovarian failure (POF), also called “early menopause,” should consider egg freezing as a viable option for family-building purposes. Having POF means that the normal function of a woman’s ovaries will transition into menopause before she turns 40, so these women may not have the amount of time to build a family without assisted reproductive services like egg freezing.
  3. Those considering single parenthood - Women considering single parenthood could consider egg freezing if they plan on building their families down the road, regardless of whether they have found the right partner or if they choose to put their career first for a period. These women can also consider choosing their sperm donor now to fertilize their eggs and create an embryo to be frozen until the time is right to have a child.

Now, more than ever, the number of options available to women who are struggling to build their families or expect that they may struggle in the future is remarkable. Even just a few decades ago, use of cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy were debilitating to fertility, but it was the price women paid for survival.

Now, thanks to fertility preservation and egg freezing, women facing cancer, women focused on their careers, and women with a family or personal history of conditions that impact fertility have an opportunity to share a biological connection with their future children.

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