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Fertility 101 Quiz

Do you think you have a high fertility IQ?
Take Washington Fertility Center’s “Fertility 101” quiz to test your knowledge on everything from fertility testing and treatment, egg freezing, fertility preservation, and more.

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  1. How long should a couple under the age of 35 wait to consult with a fertility specialist after trying to conceive naturally?
    A) 1 year
    B) 6 months
    C) 3 months
    D) 1 month

  2. How often is the male partner responsible for cases of infertility in the United States?
    A) One-third of cases
    B) One-half of cases
    C) Never

  3. If you already have one child from a naturally-conceived pregnancy, then you’ll never have fertility issues.
    A) True
    B) False
    C) Only true if under the age of 35

  4. Why do women freeze their eggs?
    A) For medical purposes, such as when undergoing chemotherapy or radiation
    B) Because they haven’t met they right partner
    C) Because they wish to delay family planning in favor of career or educational goals
    D) All of the above

  5. You can’t get pregnant with conditions like PCOS or endometriosis.
    A) True
    B) False
    C) Conceiving may be difficult without fertility treatment, but it is possible


  1. A – If you are under the age of 35 you should wait at least one year before consulting with a fertility specialist, unless you have a medical condition which affects your fertility. If you are over the age of 35, then you should seek a consultation with a specialist after six months of trying to conceive.
  2. A – One-third of infertility cases are attributed to men. One-third of cases are attributed to women, and the remaining third are attributed to “unexplained” infertility.
  3. B – Secondary infertility affects many couples who already have one child that was naturally conceived.
  4. D – There are many reasons why a woman may decide to delay building her family. These reasons may be medical, personal, or both.
  5. C – Conditions like PCOS and endometriosis may cause difficulty conceiving, but treatment options are available at Washington Fertility Center.