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Three Ways to Make IVF a Little Easier

In vitro fertilization {IVF} is a fertility treatment procedure that has helped to bring hundreds of babies into the world in the United States each year. While fertility practices like Washington Fertility Center work hard to streamline the process as much as possible, helping to relieve patient stress whenever possible, there are ways patients can also make treatment a little easier. We always encourage patients feeling overwhelmed to connect with our staff so we can work together to ease any stress you or your partner may feel, but we do want to offer some advice that can help as well.

Set up your best possible support system

IVF has its moments where things can feel isolating. Maybe you want to talk about everything you’re doing, maybe you want to keep details to a minimum. Regardless of how much you feel comfortable sharing, having a solid support system in place is important. Whether it be friends, family, or a mix of both, having people in your life you can rely on to help with tougher days is key to making fertility treatment a little easier.

Stay organized or start organizing now

IVF treatment means appointments, medications including injections, procedures, timing and tracking important medical details, sometimes coordinating with third-party agencies, and more. It is a lot to manage on top of normal daily responsibilities and can easily overwhelm anyone. Staying as organized as possible can help patients feel an element of much-needed control. Some patients prefer specific files, folders, and calendars for treatment, while others keep it all online -- whichever way is best for you is advised.

Keep your schedule as simple as possible

As noted above, there is a lot asked of a patient’s schedule during IVF treatment. If there are things you can remove from your schedule to simplify the demands of your time, then now is a great time to do so. Of course, if there are events, etc. that you’ve been looking forward to or will enjoy, be sure to take the time to make those a priority. The point is to put yourself and your partner first at a time when it may feel as if your schedule is driven by IVF.

If you have questions about IVF treatment or wish to discuss your care with our staff, please feel free to contact us directly so we can assist.